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We're always happy to create Banners, business card designs and advertisement imagery, these can be anything from a skinny banner all the way up to a billboard. Images can be done as JPG, PNG, or EPS, PDF on request all images come with PSD files for future editing.

Sleek & Beautiful


Below are a few bespoke websites we have created, all websites are mobile/tablet responsive and can include contact form's and ecommerce elements if required. We will weave your dreams into reality. For more details. or drop us an email at enquiries@excldesign.com

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Got a website but its just not doing what you dreamed? We will review your site giving you detailed feedback about where your site is falling down and how to improve it, Our team will review all elements of the site and help you get a what you wanted from it.


Some recent projects

Sleek & Beautiful

HEK Rewards

Value added benefits and rewards for employees and membership organisations of all sizes. http://www.hekrewards.co.uk/

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Fizz Benefits

A wonderful serenity has taken possession of my entire soul, like these sweet mornings. http://www.fizzbenefitsyou.com/

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Equestrian and pet care services,. All 4’s is a family owned Business providing quality, qualified and insured animal care, catering for all types of animals. http://a114s.com/

Sleek & Beautiful

Email Guys

Email Marketing based in Staffordshire, UK. http://emailguys.co.uk/

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We work with clients to improve their online presence.

17th January 2017 No Comments

Basics In HTML Coding #2

Please see – Basics In HTML Coding #1 before continuing You should now have a basic understanding of HTML elements, so lets look a little more in depth into styling your elements. Lets start with the <p> tag you learn’t in the first lesson. <p>hello world!</p> By adding a style to this tag we can start to manipulate […]

17th January 2017 No Comments

Basics In HTML Coding #1

Below are a few basic tags you can use to create content within your sites. I want to keep this section as simple as possible so each tag will have an explanation and then an example of there use. H1 H1 stands for header one, your header is 9/10 will be the main title of […]

11th January 2017 No Comments

Email Guys

Email Marketing based in Staffordshire, UK. Interested in reaping the benefits of email marketing? So how can we help you? We provide email marketing services for small to medium sized businesses. This can range from Joe Bloggs on the market wanting to tell his friends about a buy one get one free sale he’s doing, […]